Thursday, August 6th 2009

I am not drinking any f***ing merlot!

I'm not drinking any f***ing merlot!

It’s a beautiful Thursday live here from the new studios in Burbank, and Tony has already been welcomed the right way – with a big glass of red wine!

A lot of baseball going on tonight – the Yankees are bludgeoning the Red Sox, and… wait, this has to be a typo, right? The Nationals have won five games in a row? I didn’t even think they had won 5 innings in a row!

Former Eagle Derrick Burgess was traded today, from the Raiders to the Patriots. Are the Patriots now the island for the misfit Raiders? ‘Didn’t the Raiders used to be where the misfit guys go?’ opines Tony.

Columnist Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports joined the show to talk about Michael Crabtree and his contract situation. Somehow Crabtree and his people think he deserves a top-five contract, despite not being picked in the top five! Wetzel called it ‘the stupidest negotiating play I’ve ever heard.’ He said that Crabtree will eventually give in, because he basically has no leverage. If anything, this ploy will hurt him more than help.

We have an update from Oakland – a fan in Oakland was tased at last night’s game. Is there anything better than watching a good tasing? Or is it tazing? Can someone explain to me why Microsoft Word doesn’t have the gerund of ‘taser’ in its system?

Hour 1, in the books! Stay tuned for Hour 2 with ‘Psycho’ Lyons and Brian Seltzer, as well as more great updates!


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