08-06-09 Hour 2

Hour 2 led off with Steve Lyons, who had not yet seen the Oakland taser incident. Steve surely will be headed off to YouTube any second to find the video.

On to non-electrical shock news, Tony asked Steve about Prince Fielder trying to enter the Dodgers’ clubhouse after the game Tuesday night. Steve said it was fair that neither player was suspended, though it’s pretty dumb to try to get into someone else’s clubhouse after the game. As Russell Martin said, ‘Let him in! There’s 25 of us and 1 of him!’

Tony asked which is a more dangerous team right now – Colorado or San Francisco? Steve said it has to be San Francisco because of their pitching staff. Hitting can go away, particularly on the road, but that pitching is tough to beat.

As for the Dodgers, he’s happy with the addition of George Sherill, but he wished the Dodgers had added a No. 1 starter, or even a guy like Cliff Lee. Clayton Kershaw is nice, but isn’t quite there yet.

Brian Seltzer, NFL reporter for WPEN joined to talk about the Eagles. He said the recent arrest of Juqua Parker is really bad timing, because owner Jeffrey Luria was doing his ‘state of the franchise’ press conference that next morning. He said the news is almost as bad for Todd Herremans, who was in the car with Parker but wasn’t arrested.

Tony and Brian agreed for once, the offense isn’t the question mark for the Eagles. The loss of Brian Dawkins to Denver, combined with the injury to Stewart Bradley puts the Eagles in a bad spot. The tragic loss of Jim Johnson certainly doesn’t help either.

Stay tuned for Hour 3, where we’ll take your calls and give the Update of the Night!


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