Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello America. What a wonderful Monday night. Tony is back from his vacation. Throw away your ‘case-of-the-Mondays’ and kick back as we go Into the Night.

The big news of the day: Former New York Giants star Plaxico Burress is indicted by a New York Grand Jury. Recall: Burress shooting himself (accidentally) in the foot using his own unregistered, concealed gun.

We’re getting into the NFL as we are officially into the first few days of training camp. And there’s guys going down. Training Camp is hard. It’s harder than Hell! Today Philadelphia linebacker Stuart Bradley goes out for the season from an injury. Bradley joins a group of NFL big-shots who have busted themselves-up. Minnesota quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and Arizona quarterback Chris Wells are both out from injuries due to or inflicted during training camp.

Adam Caplan of joins the show tonight to talk about all the latest breaking NFL news.

Also, Tony has Matt Bowen on tonight to weigh-in on the NFL. Bowen is a former NFL player from 2000 to around 2006. Now he is a sports journalist for the National Football Post. Bowen also talks about his favorite baseball team from Chicago, the Cubs.

Tony and Jason Matheny discuss baseball. Lots of games tonight. Plus an analysis of post all-star break records. The Cubs have the best record in the MLB since the All-Star break. They’re tied with the Cards in their division. Gotta love the Windy City.

Breaking news: The A’s beat the Rangers three to two. They only had two hits going into the ninth inning. Bay Area baseball. Shout out to all our Bay Area listeners.

 Did you get your BRUCRU Chips? 1000 Chips if you can answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night! God Bless America.


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