Friday, July 31, 2009

Red Wine Friday here at Into the Night. We’re celebrating a delightful week with Big Ben with a fantastic bottle of two buck chuck. Big Ben filling-in for Tony this week. Tony will be back on Monday.

It’s quite a night here. Between last minute trades and radio-game-show night, Into the Night covers the entire sports world. Yes, from the 1970s to the current day. Fact, rumor, trivia, and a grand-old time here at the secret super studio that produces Into the Night.

Congrats to Matt for winning Into the Night Jeopardy. Driving to his brother’s wedding, it’s safe to say that Matt wasn’t texting, he was winning! Matt knows his baseball. From Brett Favre flip-flops, to steroids, to daily-doubles and all of Big Ben’s categories and questions, Matt wins. His BruCru chips are gonna’ go way up. Cheers to you, Matt.

Remember all that talk about your Toronto Blue Jays’ Roy Halliday being traded? Well, it was all for nothing. He didn’t go anywhere. It’s true!

What about those Kansas City Royals … back in the day they had a hell-of-a-team. In large part because of Mark Gubicza. Gubicza joins Big Ben and the gang tonight during the show. A Philadelphia guy, Gubicza weighs-in on Cliff Lee and talks about what the Dodgers and the Cardinals can do to compete with those Phillies and their new pitcher. Gubicza talks a little about the Angels, a team he briefly played for during the nineties.

Did you get your BRUCRU Chips? 1000 Chips if you can answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night! Next week be sure to tune-in or download or do whatever you do to get Into the Night! Tony will be back. God Bless America. Have a great and safe weekend.


2 Responses to “Friday, July 31, 2009”

  1. Sham Wow Guy Says:

    Slappin nuts!!!!!!!

  2. Billy Mays Jr. Says:

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