Wednesday, July 29th

A wonderful Wednesday night edition of Into the Night. Ben Maller in for a vacationing Tony Bruno, who returns next week. Big news in MLB, as the Philadelphia Phillies acquire left-hander Cliff Lee from the Cleveland Indians.  Are the Phillies now the front-runners to win the National League? Will there be another big move before the trade deadline? Bob Nightengale, MLB Insider from The USA Today will be on with the latest trade news.

Training Camps are opening up around the National Football League.  One of the big questions now that Brett Farve remains retired, is who will Michael Vick sign with? How many 1st round draft picks will report late to camp? A man who will break down all of that is the “NFL Answerman” Adam Schefter.

Have you heard the 911 call from ESPN’s Erin Andrews? Don’ worry she’s okay, just not happy that the media is sitting outside her house waiting for an interview.  We have the audio. You have to hear what celebrity she referenced.

Did you get your BRUCRU Chips? 1000 Chips if you can answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night!


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