Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ben Maller fills-in for Tony on a Taco Tuesday. The buzz is all about Brett Favre and him not coming out retirement to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Pete Bercich, former Vikings linebacker and current radio analyst, goes Into the Night to talk about Favre. What now for the Vikings? Who will quarterback the Vikings? Could Michael Vick maybe be on their radar?

Training camps are opening up this week across the NFL. A couple of guys hoping to have big seasons are running backs Maurice Jones-Drew and Matt Forte. Maurice says the Jacksonville Jaguars will be a lot better than their 5-11 record from a year ago. Matt, is looking to build off his great rookie season by guiding the Chicago Bears into the playoffs. Both running backs weigh in on Michael Vick and Brett Favre.

Shaun Phillips of the Chargers stops by before heading to training camp in San Diego. Shaun is a Philadelphia native, who says the fans in Philly are great because of how passionate they are. Shaun points out, any stadium with its own jail, must have diehard fans.
We have some great Updates for you during the show… A certain NBA star got locked out of the White House. Plus, find out what NFL quarterback dumped his girlfriend at IHOP.

Did you get your 1000 BRUCRU Chips with the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night.


3 Responses to “Tuesday, July 28, 2009”

  1. BREADMAN Says:

    BEN MALLER is back!..Great to hear the king of late late night..Sports talk isnt the same without MALLER NATION…

  2. Erin 'drama Queen" Andrews Says:

    Nice to see Disney’s prom queen cusses like a sailor. That dirty mouth of hers would make Chris Berman blush–even with 2 amputee hookers at his side.

    Andrews: They’re looking at me through my window.

    Dispatcher: Are you OK?

    Andrews: Yeah, I’m just — I did nothing wrong, and I’m being treated like fucking Britney Spears, and it sucks. I’m sorry.

    Dispatcher: OK, the first available unit will see you as soon as possible.

  3. The King of Infomercials Says:

    dumb, naked, blonde from the South with a microphone.

    Yes, she’s nothing like Britney Spears.

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