Wednesday, July 22nd

We have a fun Wednesday night show planned for you. We’ll have the latest on the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault case investigation. Has ESPN decided to actually start covering this story yet?  NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell reportedly will meet with Michael Vick sometime soon about his reinstatement into the league, and he might actually let him back.

NFL Training Camps open up this weekend. The Oakland Raiders are expecting big things after a disappointing 5-11 record in 2008. One guy who hopes to have a great season is starting middle linebacker, Kirk Morrison. Kirk is the Raiders leading tackler from last season and anxiously awaiting the start of the ’09 season. Kirk is a big an of twitter (

A full slate of games on the MLB scoreboard. Unfortunately the Phillies have their 10 game winning streak snapped in a day game in Philadelphia. It’s Manny Ramirez Bobble head Night in Los Angeles. Will Manny even play? The MLB Trade Deadline is a week away, who will win the Roy Halladay sweepstakes?

 Plus, did you get your 1000 BRUCRU Chips? Make sure you answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night…


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