Tony’s Fishing Trip

Here are a couple of pictures of my flounder (FLOUNDER!) trip with my son AJ in the Atlantic Ocean Sunday. 17 miles off Cape May N.J.  over 40 fish..2 keepers. Beautiful day!!


4 Responses to “Tony’s Fishing Trip”

  1. Joe in La Crosse Says:

    Pipes like that, I would let them rust. HE HE

  2. TONY had a doctor’s appointment and was very hard of hearing so he took ROBIN with him to help. When they got into the examining room, the Doctor told TONY to TAKE OFF HIS SHIRT

    TONY turned to ROBIN and shouted, “What did he say?” and ROBIN got closer in his ear and yelled, “Take your shirt off!” TONY nodded and took his shirt off.

    The Doctor then told TONY to tilt his head back so that he could have a better look down his throat.

    TONY shouted, “What?” and ROBIN got closer to his ear and yelled, “Tilt your head back and open your mouth.” TONY nodded and tilted his head back.

    When this was all over, the Doctor said, “OK, now all I need is a urine sample, a stool sample and a semen sample.

    TONY yelled, “What?” and ROBIN got closer to his ear and yelled, “The Doctor wants your underpants!”

  3. Good work Bruno! Dude! Why no remote in Philly tonight? THAT’S AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!! Would have given me a good excuse to get out of the house tonight! Where is Tony Lukes bro? or any bar where I can sit,have a beer or 7 and be entertained. OUTRAGE!!!! Love the show.

  4. Amazing fish and amazing guns. Love your show and can’t wait till your in Philly again doing another remote. This time JOSE better show up. Beautiful.

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