Monday July 20, 2009

Welcome to Into the Night! Throw out your ‘case of the mondays’. We have a crazy show that flies by tonight.

Jamal Anderson joins the show during the seven o’clock hour. The former ESPN analyst has an interesting perspective over former quarterback Michael Vick and the reaction regarding his possible NFL comeback.

Michael Huyghue joins Into the Night. He is the Commissioner of the United Football League. A former NFL Players Association lawyer, sports agent, and NFL manager, Huyghue talks about the first season of the UFL, weighs in upon the possible fate of Michael Vick, and talks about the way the UFL may be embraced as an entertaining, breeding ground for future NFL players.

Bob Stevens from the PGA Radio joins Tony to discuss The Open Championship and why it was possibly the most exciting Brtish Open in years! Stewart Cink steals the tournament from the aging, experienced Tom Watson, whoose steady, play of perfection tubbled away on hole 18. Watson bogeyed the hole and went into a playoff with Stewart Cink. After the four hole playoff, Stewart emerged two under par. Watson finished two over par. What looked like the perfect weekend for Watson, the book-ends of a great career, was not to be. Congrats to Stewart Cink!

As baseball goes, the Phillies are on fire! Check them out. The Dodgers continue their best record since they won the World Series in 1988.

Make sure you answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night…join us … Into the Night!


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