Wednesday July 15, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to Into the Night!

We have a great Wednesday night show for you. It may be a quiet night in the world of sports, but Into the Night is roaring! We have great guests joining us Into the Night!

Former PGA professional John Maginnes joins us to talk about The Open Championship, MLB great Tommy Hutton joins us to shed some light on the MLB, and young football star Matt Stafford comes on to talk about his part in reviving the Detroit Lions.

Confused about ‘The Open Championship’? That really means ‘The British Open.’ Don’t worry there’s nothing to be wondering about. When you wake up, check Yahoo! Sports. Or stay up till 4 AM to catch Tiger’s tee-off. (Gotta love the 8 hour time difference.)

John Maginnes is a former PGA Professional and now on the PGA Radio Network. He breaks down the Brittish Open. Check it out this weekend. Tiger may take the course by storm. Sergio Garcia has a lot of hype for this tournament. Garcia has never won a Major Tournament. But this course favors his game.

Inside Into the Night: There is a 20 dollar bet between Jason Matheny and Intern Andy on PGA proffesional Tom Watson. Will he make the cut and play this weekend? Jason says no! Intern Andy says he will. Will experience prevail or will youth? Watson won the tournament in 1977 – the last time that the British Open was played at the course.

MLB great Tommy Hutton has spent a total of 41 years in Professional Baseball, 12 of those playing in the big leagues. A slick fielding jack-of-all-trades, Hutton played for the Dodgers, Phillies, Blue Jays, and Expos. He currently serves as the Florida Marlins television broadcast analyst. He and Tony talk MLB and All-Star mania!

Q.B. Matt Stafford expects a lot of good things. In addition to himself, he is quick to point out that the Lions are adding several new receivers. The offense has weapons to win! Stafford will come in and be able to take the team to a whole new level. The Detroit Lions were 0-16 last season. Any improvement upon that bleak record will be cherished by unemployed Detroit fans! (too soon. Think: it’s an outrage!)

Did you get your 1000 BruCru Chips? Make sure you answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night…

Join us … Into the Night!



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