Tuesday July 14, 2009

Into the Night this Taco Tuesday is a special one! Not only is it the MLB All-Star game. It is our very own Jason Matheny’s birthday. Happy 29 Jason!

The All-Star game started with scandal,. President Obama’s pitch was not shown. Replays via the internet show several different angles; however, the broadcasted version did not show President Obama’s pitch being caught.

Blast from the past — the worst opening pitch ever thrown —

Luckily President Obama’s pitch was not worse than that. In fact, the Commander in Chief threw a respectable pitch. There was no reason for it not to be shown. Hail to the Chief!

The American League defeats the National League 4-3. Did anybody bet on the National League? Has the National League won since the 1960s? Tough answers. Ryan Howard had a chance to save the National League but struck out.

All-Star MVP goes to Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Rays!

Buck Martinez, TBS MLB Analyst, joins Tony to talk about the All-Star Game, Pedro Martinez to the Phillies and where he thinks Roy Halladay will be traded to…

As you know, Tony is a big fan of paranormal activity. The new season of Ghost Hunters International has begun on SciFi. Robb Demarest, lead investigator from GHI goes Into the Night to share with Tony some stories about his ghost adventures.

Scandal in the world of soccer as members of the LA Galaxy rip David Beckham in the new book “The Beckham Experiment.” Grant Wahl, author and soccer insider, joins Tony to talk about Beckham and his feud with Landon Donovan, and how much longer Beckham will say in the MLS.

Did you get your 1000 BruCru Chips? Make sure you answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night….


3 Responses to “Tuesday July 14, 2009”

  1. Regarding the first pitch – FOX did show the angle from center field during the game. When the President was in the booth with Joe and Tim, they showed the pitch again. So, no edict from the White House, just probably a mistake in the production booth.

  2. Obama’s pitch is on YouTube. The catch is barely visible at the 40 second mark.

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