Monday, July 13th

What-up! We’re having a derby here at Into the Night. Ooooooh, rim shot!

Tonight is the 2009 MLB Homerun Derby.  It is a tough night for St. Louis fans out there as the Milwaukee Brewers’ first baseman Prince Fielder wins! He beats Nelson Cruz 6-5 in the finals. The Derby was held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. What a day for Prince! The newly crowned king of MLB slugging.

The Homerun Derby isn’t nearly as exciting as UFC 100 was. Saturday night was a monumental and entertaining night for the UFC. UFC president Dana White joins Tony as they break down the fight-night.

Tony talks baseball with Mark Gubicza, the retired pitcher who is famous for  helping the Royals win the Wolrd Series in 1985. And Jeff Passan, award winning Yahoo! Sports analyst. Passan calls-in from St. Louis after the Derby to comment on the event.

Baseball is at the unofficial half-way point. The Derby and All-Star break allow for entertainment-albeit you have to drink Red Bull to stay awake for the Derby-but more importantly this is the point in the MLB season that you can look at the teams and the standings and reflect upon them. Stay tuned-in to Into the Night as we break-it down over the next couple of nights.

Also, we have a hell-of-an-update of the night…

There’s a family in Europe whoose mother and four dautghers all got boob jobs. A total of nine surgeries were performed on the daughters, who range from 18 to 28.  It’s true!

Plus don’t forget to get your 1000 BRUCRU Chips with the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the night.

Join us, won’t you…INTO THE NIGHT!


2 Responses to “Monday, July 13th”

  1. Van Earl Wright Says:

    10 fake boobs? Sounds like a party at Jim Lampley’s house.

  2. Iron Mike Says:

    Dude which chic is the mom? Beautiful Man!!!!

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