Tuesday, July 7th

A Terrifc Tuesday night show for you.  A lot of buzz surrounding the MLB All-Star Game and who will win the final online fan vote. On Monday we had Phillies OF Shane Victorino on the show to “pitch” his case to the listeners. On Tuesday, Tony welcomed Dodgers OF Matt Kemp to the program to tell the listeners why he should make it to St. Louis for the All-Star Game.

A wild story out of Akron, Ohio involving an incident at LeBron James  basketball camp. A college player dunked on LeBron! And according to people who saw it, the dunk was so nasty, an official from Nike confiscated all video of it so it wouldn’t get to the public. Jeff Goodman, FOX SPORTS Hoops Insider, has all the details from the event and explains what exactly happened in the gym.

Tony goes inside the world of sports and business with the Sports Professor, Rick Horrow. What’s instore for the MLB All-Star Game Home Run Hitting Contest? Is the NBA Luxury Tax going to affect free-agency? The Sports Professor has the answers!

Plus, did you get your BRUCRU Chips? 1000 Chips if you can answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night…


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