Wednesday, June 10th

It’ Wednesday, Humpday, and a great show we had tonight. Phillies get a homerun in the
11th from Chase Utley as they beat the Mets in New York. Red Sox beat the Yankees or the
7th time this season. And, Mark Sanchez officially signs his $$$ deal with the NY Jets.
Game 4 of the NBA Finals is tomorrow in Orlando. TNT’s Ernie Johnson was on the show
talking about the Magic-Lakers and who will end up winning this series. Lakers up 2 game
to 1 in the best-of-seven series.
Rick Horrow Sports Business Reporter, was on with Tony talking about all the lastest news
from Entertainment, Sports and Business. Did you know the WNBA is selling sponsorship on
their uniforms?

Make sure you got your 100 BRUCRU Chips with The Buzz of the Night and The Update of the Night


One Response to “Wednesday, June 10th”

  1. ed murtha Says:

    hi tony….thanksfor all the laughter, the world really needs it

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