Tuesday, June 2nd

An awesome Tuesday night show in store for you…Game 3 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals in Pittsburgh. Can the Penguins get a win and avoid going down 0-3 to the Red Wings? Also, alot of baseball tonight with the Phillies in San Diego and the Giants in DC to take on the Nationals.

Jerry West, NBA Legend and the man we call “The Logo” will be on to talk about the Lakers in the NBA Finals, Kobe trying to win a title without Shaq and the new job he’s accepted in professional sports.

The Philadelphia 76ers have a new head coach in Eddie Jordan. Eddie will join Tony to talk about how he plans on turning the Sixers around and getting them back to the NBA Finals. I’m sure he’s got a pick on who will win the NBA Finals this year too.

UFC 100 is fast approaching. Dana White, President of the UFC will be on to talk about the octagon, Brock Lesnar, Tito Ortiz and yes, Kimbo Slice. That’s right, Kimbo Slice is going to be taking part in the new season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Plus, make sure you get your 1000 BRUCRU Chips with The Buzz of the Night and The Update of the Night…


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