Monday, June 1st

Hope you had a great sports weekend. The Stanley Cup Finals got underway with the Red Wings taking a quick 2-0 series lead. How about the Orlando Magic, knocking LeBron and the Cavs out of the NBA Playoffs. Kings James didn’t like it too much, refusing to talk to the media after the defeat.
Plenty of MLB action over the weekend, as well as the debate of whether Manny Ramirez should be allowed to play in the MLB All-Star Game. Breaking down everything baseball is Jim Duquette the long time MLB executive now analyst.
NBA Finals will start on Thursday with the Los Angeles Lakers hosting the Orlando Magic. Who will win? Can Kobe finally win a NBA Championship without Shaq? Mychal Thompson, former Lakers great will join Tony to talk some hoops. I’m sure Mychal will also have an opinion on the punk move by LeBron James not talking to the media after losing to the Magic.
The NHL Stanley Cup Finals continue tomorrow in Pittsburgh. Penguins down 0-2 to the Red Wings. Eddie Olczyk, former Pens player and coach, now analyst for NHL on NBC will be on talk some puck.
Plus, tune in to get your 100 BRUCRU Chips with The Buzz of the Night and The Update of the Night…Tune in!!!


2 Responses to “Monday, June 1st”

  1. The latest Nike commercial, after Lebron’s defeat:

  2. Reiminds me of the time Jim Rome refused to shake hands with Tony Bruno at Cracker Barrel.

    Bruno yelled, “How bout I crack you upside the fuckin’ head with this fully poseable Popeye puppet?”

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