Wednesday, May 20th

It’s Wednesday…It’s Hump Day and what a great show we have for you tonight. Tony will keep you updated on Game #1 Magic-Cavaliers and all the scores in MLB.

Michael Vick was released from jail today. Will he play in the NFL again? Will Roger Goddell reinstate him back in the league? What team would actually sign Michael Vick if he is allowed back? A man with the answers to those questions and everything else football, Dennis Green will join Tony to talk about Michael Vick.

The Major League Baseball season almost 2 months old. Who are the big surprises? Are the Toronto Blue Jays for real? Who has been the biggest disappointment so far? the SF Giants? the NY Yankees? Ken Rosenthal from FOX Sports will be on to break down all the latest from baseball.

The Lakers beat the Nuggets to take a 1-0 series lead in the Western Conference Finals. Can Denver bounce back in Game #2 tomorrow? Chris Anderson, the Birdman, from the Denver Nuggets is scheduled to join Tony talk some hoops. I’m sure Tony will ask him about the Pepsi Center showdown between the Nuggets and the WWE.

The Indianapolis 500 is coming up this Memorial Day Weekend. Some say it’s the greatest race in the world. Tony attended the Indy 500 when he was a youngster back in 1969. The man who won at the Brickyard that year, that’s right Mario Andretti. Mario, probably the world’s most famous race car driver will pop on with Tony to talk about the day in May back in 1969 and of course talk about this year’s Indy 500.

Don’t forget to get your BRUCRU Chips with The Buzz of the Night and The Update of the Night…..TUNE IN!!!


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