Monday, May 18th

Coming off a great sports weekend with a pair of Game 7’s in the NBA and Rachel Alexandra wins The Preakness.
Michael Irvin, NFL Hall of Famer, will be on to break down the Cowboys, the Terrell Owens debacle and his new reality show on Spike TV.

The Texas Rangers are off to a 23-14 start, 1st place in the AL West. Jon Daniels, GM of the Rangers will be on talk about his team and the fact that he’s 31 years old and a Ivy League grad.

Controversy in the NFL or is there? Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison, the NFL Defensive Player of the Year, says he does not want to go the White House to meet The President. Nothing personal, he just doesn’t want to go. Tony will talk to James about his decision and if their is anything that he would go out of his way for? (Maybe the Playboy Mansion)

The NHL Playoffs are in full swing, with a pair of great series in the Conference Finals. Joe Beninati, the hockey voice of Versus, will be on talk some puck with Tony.

Plus, we’ll have updates from all the games going on in MLB, and your chance for BRUCRU Chips with The Buzz of the Night and The Update of the Night. Tune in….INTO THE NIGHT!!!


3 Responses to “Monday, May 18th”

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  2. Anyone catch what the punchline to Duke’s joke was?

    Too hard to understand him there at the end.

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