Friday, May 15th 2009

It’s a Red Wine Friday, and our good friends at Murphy Goode have set us up nicely. Three red wines arrived via overnight mail, and actually have a chance at survival since Robin isn’t here!

What’s up with there being no NBA or NHL games tonight? Oh well, we’ll have to survive on baseball, and some great guests.

Mike Watchmaker, national handicapper for the Daily Racing Forum will join us and will give us his breakdown of the Preakness. Tony will also release his superfecta lock. Surely it will bring the entire BruCru fame and fortune. We’ll also release the Update of the Night, where you can win 500 BruCru chips.

David Aldridge, sideline reporter supreme for TNT will also join the program. He’ll be covering game 7 of Celtics/Magic and will also talk about the Lakers letdown in game 6 at Houston.

And John Avello of the Wynn Sportsbook in Las Vegas will help Tony breakdown the Preakness as well as the rest of the gaming for the weekend. Don’t forget about the Update of the Night either, where you can earn another 500 BruCru chips for basically doing nothing!

That’s all ‘Into the Night’ with Tony Bruno tonight!


3 Responses to “Friday, May 15th 2009”

  1. que onda eres el mejor

  2. jesloanne camilleri Says:


  3. go cena…….. always remember that..your the champ… and you have to daefend your title

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