Tuesday March 24th

A terrific Tuesday show for you this evening. Jay Wright, head coach at Villanova will be on to talk about the Wildcats beating UCLA and advancing to the Sweet 16. P.J. Calesimo will pop on to breakdown the NCAA Tournament. Plus, Japan wins the WBC, Orestes Destrade will be on to tell Tony what the United State has to do to win in 2013. Tune in…INTO THE NIGHT!!!


3 Responses to “Tuesday March 24th”

  1. Bijan (B-John) Says:

    Mr. Bruno. I listen to your show every night. Could you just please give me a shoutout after this commercial break? How could you turn down a philly guy (sort of, i live in norristown)

  2. tony u may want to watch this

  3. My boyfriend listens to you religously would you give hime a shoutout his name is Mark Corral. He is one of your number one fan. We live in the bay area go Raiders and cowboys

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