Tuesday, March 10th

A terrific Tuesday show for you. Billy Ripken, from Team USA will talk WBC with Tony. Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones Drew stops by to talk some NFL. Facebook posting gets Dan Leone fired from the Philadelphia Eagles, Dan will be on to talk about it. Also the star of Ghost Hunters, Ami Bruni will pop on to talk about the new season of Tony’s favorite SSCI FI Channel Show. Tune in…INTO THE NIGHT


One Response to “Tuesday, March 10th”

  1. coontruth Says:

    Hey Tony, do you ever get tired of Radnich’s constant references to obscure “rappers”? it’s so pathetic how he finds some opening to go off on some afro-centric tangent, for example.
    Tony: hey Gary, we had a black out down here….
    Gary interrupting: you had a blackout? wow and how about that lil wayne, he’s just fabulous, speaking of fabulous, have you heard La’ Shaniquah’s latest CD? man, she is something else, and she used to date Tupac did you know that? and her sister is the mother of suge knight’s son too, speaking of suge knight, diddy combs new cd is fabulous, have you tried his perfume? that guy is a mogul……

    I think the only white performer Gary knows anything about is Frank Sinatra.
    It’s so bad that I don’t listen to him anymore, sorry to see you get sucked into it. I wonder what gary thinks his demographic is? blak males 14-25?

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