Wednesday February 25th, 2009

Fresh off a great lunch, the whole crew reunited at Tony’s place before taking off toward the beautiful Westwood One studios. We learned that Tim has never had calamari before today. Huh? How does that happen? He’ll eat Jack in the Box, but not delicious calamari?


Tony is demanding apologies from everyone tonight, after they all claimed the two-year, $45M offer to Manny Ramirez was an insult. And guess what? They’re now offering Manny a two-year, $45M offer.


Tonight’s guests:


Rich Lerner of Golf Network will join Tony to talk about some guy named Tiger. I hear he’s back to golf, or something like that?


Alvin Gentry, head coach of the Phoenix Suns will discuss Phoenix’s hot streak since he was named coach after the All-Star break.


David Buehler, perhaps the strongest kicker of all time, will also join us. David bench-pressed 225 pounds 25 times. That’s more than first-round offensive line prospects Michael Oher and Eugene Monroe! No kicker jokes around this guy.


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