David Buehler Interview

David Buehler (pronounced BEE-ler, not bueller) joined the show. What’s this? A kicker on the show? This is not your ordinary kicker. He lifted 225 pounds 25 times! Somebody drug test this guy!


Tony asked if he gave any crap to USC guys who couldn’t get that many reps, and David said he probably would have if anybody was actually around. You see, when the kickers and punters came in to lift, about 80 percent of the people in the stands took off.


David said he didn’t get much of a chance to show off his leg at USC, because USC doesn’t exactly kick a lot of field goals. David said the fans even chant ‘big balls pete’ (his words, not ours) on fourth downs to encourage the coach to go for it. And most of the time he did.


Tony mentioned he beat USC linebackers in the 40, and outlifted the offensive lineman – shouldn’t he be playing running back or linebacker? David said he wasn’t going to be running the wildcat anytime soon.


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