Cory Bloggin’ Live

8:05 – Jason is handling the wheels of steel, so for now I will be your “humble narrator.” That from A Clockwork Orange of course.

 Talking Manny Ramirez – and Tim continues to be a Dodgers appologist, and I would be too, but since I’m a serious blogger now I must be impartial. And as a serious blogger I must report that Tony is wearing Dodger blue and white. I think it was a subconscious decision.

8:15 – Todd from San Mateo calls in as an angry Giants fan – I think it’s funny he called Tim Tony’s “partner.” They are adorable together.

8:17 – Don from San Jose is a Giants fan but is NOT outraged.

8:21 – Mike called from South San Francisco, but we have Alvin Gentry on this segment – he is a Giants fan who loves the Sharks too and he will call us back.

8:25 – Talking to Coach Alvin Gentry of your Phoenix Suns, and like Casey Kasem talking Dead Dog Dedication, it’s an up-tempo game he’s running and running it well so far. Speaking of the Suns, @THE_REAL_SHAQ I hate la traffic, honk honk move out da way aaaaaagh. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, that’s Twitter-speak and of course Shaq is now the King of Twitteronia.

8:35 – Tony’s talking about his ‘modest’ home in Venice – trust me when I tell you, it’s real nice – complete with a Moroccan bench.

8:37 – Breaking news, Gary Grant is attending the LA Clippers game. Lakers get Jack Nicholson and Densel Washington, Clippers get Gary Grant: (well I tried to find a picture of Gary Grant in Google images, but nothing but all that came up were Cary Grant pictures. Sorry Gary, maybe someone will youtube your shining moment on Fox Sports Net and you cna make it to this thing we call the internet.

8:45 – Tony makes a Nob Hill reference – that sounds like a funny term, but it is actually an actual place in San Francisco.

8:46 – Update – Tim talks about the beauty of Tony’s Moroccan bench, and I can’t help but wonder: hmm, if that bench could talk (cue: Two chicks at the same time, man). Party at the Moroccan bench; Tony will have special people in his home.

8:51 – Update – Stuff has a broken leg, that’s the Orlando Magic mascot Stuff. As we play a little New Kids on the Block accompaniment, Stuff does not have The Right Stuff. New Kids on the Block discussion ensues.

8:58 – Well, it’s been a blast, but I now hand the blog reigns back to the Jason Matheny, thank you for your audience.


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