Unloading day

It’s official – ‘Into the Night’ with Tony Bruno will now be getting a poll! No Tony, it isn’t the kind that’s in your living room, it’s where people choose between multiple options. The first one is definitely going to do with the drops on the show. If you listened, you know what it’s between. If not, shame on you and I’m not going to tell you what it is.


Apparently today was ‘unloading day’ in sports, with both Marvin Harrison and Stephon Marbury being dumped. People in Indy are pretty upset about the Harrison thing, especially since Harrison and Manning hold all the records for a receiver and quarterback combination.


We’d like to thank the Dallas Mavericks for their participation in the NBA season. Somehow they lose to the Spurs without Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. Not the smartest moves by the Mavs.


As we recap NHL scores, Tony breaks out the stone-cold lead-pipe locks and proclaims the Flyers will crush the Kings tomorrow. Go ahead people – place your bets on the Flyers using your stimulus checks!


And we have an update – a man in Taiwan wants to go back to jail! He has no food and no place to live, so he’d prefer to stay in the klink thank you very much. I wonder how much better or worse Taiwanese prison is than American prison?


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