Mike Leach Interview

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach joined us not from Mardi Gras, but from skiing in Colorado. Tony is sure he isn’t on the bunny slopes but is more of a double-black diamond guy.


Tony asked him about Michael Crabtree and his stress fracture, and Mike said it shouldn’t affect him much. He’s a heck of a guy, and he’s glad they found the injury.


He also asked Mike about Crabtree’s height, which was closer to six foot one than six foot three that he was originally listed at. Mike said Michael isn’t a slight guy, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.


Coach Leach said he was very happy to stay at Texas Tech, and has moved forward from the contract stuff. It all got sorted out, but it probably took longer than it should have.


It’s going to be tough for Coach Leach after losing Graham Harrell and Crabtree, but Mike thought he recruited a great class, and they have a nice quarterback (Taylor Potts) waiting in the wings.


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