Kendrick Perkins Interview

Kendrick Perkins joined the show, and immediately said he was doing fine, but has been wishing the C’s could have gotten a win against the Lakers. Tony pointed out the Celtics had four pretty monumental wins against the Lakers last June. Kendrick said that was last year, and the Lakers have the best record in basketball for a reason.


Tony asked Kendrick about the rumors swirling around the Celtics and Stephon Marbury, and Kendrick said he didn’t know if it was going to happen, but it would be big to have him on the team.


The Celtics have the Clippers this week, and while the Clippers aren’t the biggest challenge, Kendrick says they have to get it going early and try to keep them from getting any momentum.


Tony gave Kendrick a little trouble about his shooting – he’s never made a three-pointer in his career (0-for-8). Kendrick said that’s not his game, and he’ll leave that to guys like Rasheed Wallace. He doesn’t even remember taking a three, and those eight all must have been heaves.


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