Brian Engblom Interview

Brian Engblom of Versus joined us live from Stamford, Connecticut where the weather is just a touch colder than it is here in Los Angeles. Tony joked with Brian that in Connecticut he better watch out for Jim Calhoun.


Speaking of fiery coaches, John Tortorella is now the coach of the Rangers. Brian says he’ll be a fiery guy who will get the Rangers into the playoffs, but he doesn’t expect them to contend for the cup.


Tony said he thoughts the Flyers, Bruins and Capitals are the teams to watch in the East, and Brian agreed. He said Washington’s question is at goalie, where he isn’t sure is Jose Theodore is the guy who can succeed in the playoffs.


Anyone knows the Red Wings and Sharks are strong teams in the West, but Tony asked Brian who he thought were other teams to watch in the West. Brian said he used to be on Calgary’s bandwagon, but since they’ve gone south, he’s been watching Chicago who is impressive.


One Response to “Brian Engblom Interview”

  1. forget calhoun or anyone else tort is the man

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