Monday, February 23rd 2009

Welcome to the show that is three hours long, and is actually exciting! We aren’t hosted by Hugh Jackman, but Tony more than makes up for his lack of hair with his wit.


Tony recapped the Oscars by coming up beyond scientific – ‘The Reader’, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘The Wrestler’ combined have made about one-third of that ‘Paul Blart – Mall Cop.’ He says that’s why the ratings aren’t nearly as good as they used to – because the movies people care about never get nominated.


And course, we had to play the Jim Calhoun press conference. Way to go Jim!



Tonight’s guests:


Matt Kenseth will join the show after winning at Daytona and California. He’ll talk about his plans to surely win all 36 races in the Sprint Cup season.


Charles Davis of the NFL Network will talk all things draft and combine. He’ll talk about how far he expects Andre Smith to drop, and who improved their stock.


John Maginnes of the PGA Tour Network will talk about Tiger’s return to the Match Play championship this weekend.


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