John Maginnes Interview

John Maginnes of the PGA Tour Network joined the program to talk about some guy named Tiger returning to the tour this week.


John joked that Elin is finally letting him out of the house, but said that Tiger is his own PR guy, and released this information through his own website.


Tony asked why guys like Anthony Kim are playing overseas when they should be playing over here, supporting the PGA Tour. John said the European Tour quietly has a ‘chase for the cup’ much like the PGA’s, but theirs is worth about 20 million dollars. These guys of course, chase the money.


John noted traveling this much surely isn’t going to help Anthony Kim who has to travel back to Arizona from Australia. His body clock is going to be all screwed up.


Tony asked how much does Tiger do for the tour and the ratings. John said Tiger isn’t just the best golfer on Earth – he’s Jordan, Ali and Pele all put together.


John said any of these guys on tour who complain about Tiger need a reality check – the 125th best golfer back in 1996 made about 150K, last year, that same slot netted about 950K.


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