Kevin Kennedy Interview

Kevin might be the only guy in baseball who isn’t a free agent, because he has 27 jobs man! Fox Sports, Sirius/XM, the Tampa Bay Rays. Is he also scheduled to be treasury secretary?


As mentioned above, there are a lot of good free agents out there. Kevin wondered how a guy like Orlando Hudson is still available. He’s a high quality second baseman, but there just aren’t any jobs out there.


The market is tough, and Kevin said there were some smart guys out there like Pat Burrell and Francisco Rodriguez who got signed early. They might not have gotten what they were looking for, but they at least have jobs. A lot of guys can’t say that right now. It’s so bad that players are calling general managers themselves.


Tony mentioned Marcus Giles is now with the Phillies, and Kevin said that was a smart move by the Phillies to cover themselves in case Chase Utley isn’t right.


Of course Tony had to ask about some guy named Manny. Kevin thinks Manny will wait to sign until the last few days of spring training, and he’ll end up as a Dodger.


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