Tony Bruno – the one man stimulus package

We come back and Tony realizes he’s going against the grain – he’s the only one in this country who is actually stimulating the economy literally! Not only does he buy a lot of wine, but he also is the only one hiring people. He took me, Cory and Tim off of the street and gave us all jobs.


We have an update… there’s a new show coming out where hot girls are put in haunted houses! It’s like someone has combined Tony’s DVR and DVD collection. As Tony talks about EMFs, we decide to play some EMF, which brings about all kinds of to what EMF stands for.

Is it Ecstacy M—– F—ers? Eat More Fruit? Whatever it is, EMF isn’t trying to make a comeback. We’ll come back with someone who is trying to make a comeback, Dennis ‘Oil Can’ Boyd. The former Red Sox and Expos hurler will join us next!


One Response to “Tony Bruno – the one man stimulus package”

  1. Stan Otley Says:

    Oil Can is hilarious. Best interview in a long time!

    By the way, I’ve only heard the Ecstacy MFers option.

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