Dennis ‘Oil Can’ Boyd Interview

Dennis ‘Oil Can’ Boyd is trying to make a comeback – and claims he’s throwing 90 (ed note: kilometers?) He’s 49 years old and says he can still throw effectively. Surely there’s a league-wide conspiracy to keep him out of the league.


He was with the Broxton Rox back in 2005, and is still trying to pitch. I guess it’s better than working a real job for a living but sheesh.


Tony points out some of the knuckleballers can pitch late into their careers, but isn’t so sure about a guy who wants to be a power pitcher. Boyd said he can throw 12 pitches! I’d like to see him name the 12 pitches.


As ‘Oil Can’ mentions he just wants one shot with a big league team, Tony points out the Dodgers need another starter. Not sure if he can go 7 innings every fifth night.


Tony asks if Geritol and Centrum Silver are considered PEDs for him, and Boyd says he’s all natural and just wants his one chance. We all hope he gets it.


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