Adrian Wojnarowski Interview

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports joined the program to talk about NBA trades. He says there’s always a lot of smoke out there because there are a lot of discussions that get leaked, and rarely do those deals ever actually happen.


He says the Magic were the winners from the action after acquiring Rafer Alston, aka Skip 2 My Lou. He’ll be a much better point guard than Tyronn Lue.


None of the big-time teams really made any moves. Cleveland nearly landed Richard Jefferson from Milwaukee, but the teams are going to have to work with other types of players to try to improve their teams.


Tony asked about Stephon Marbury, and he said he didn’t think he was going anywhere. Basically Stephon isn’t going to accept a buyout from the Knicks, so he likely won’t be heading towards Boston.


Adrian complimented Oklahoma City, who gutted their franchise and has a ton of picks going forward. (Editors note: keep an eye on Thabo Sefolosha, who they acquired from the Bulls for a first-round pick.) He said the gamble on Russell Westbrook worked out great and OKC are looking like geniuses.


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