Psychotic married women and the Clippers

We’re back – and some woman has been married 23 times? WTF, man – or woman, in this case? How many houses has she collected in all this time?


And apparently she’s been married to two gay men? Yikes.


And congratulations to the Clippers, who have given up 282 points in two nights to the Phoenix Suns. What a bad team.


What a great show though! Thanks to Patrick Marleau, Jesse Ventura and Dustin Johnson. See you tomorrow… ‘Into the Night!’


One Response to “Psychotic married women and the Clippers”

  1. Dave in Miami Says:

    And those two very same gay men are none other than….
    82-year old legendary Minnesota wrestling pioneer Verne Gagne who is now being investigated for the beating death of his 97-year old roommate!
    There is now limit to the damage this woman has done.
    It’s an outrage!

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