Kidneys and Matthew McConaughey

We come back, where we have many updates! A man is apparently looking for a kidney on craigslist? Tony wonders if that is under ‘casual encounters.’


With the Chris Mihm trade, we’re all wondering if he’s now running in Memphis, or ‘Walking in Memphis.’ Tony says there needs to be a mandatory show field trip to karaoke where he’ll sing that one. Tim notes Tony knows every song ever recorded. We’re pretty sure he does.


Next week get a thousand callers regarding high school basketball games in Philadelphia – and even these schools can outscore Illinois and Penn State!


With all this talk about high school, Tony recalls Matthew McConaughey’s line from Dazed and Confused. He actually interviewed Matthew and introduced him with that line. Tim asked if he did the interview with his shirt off. Tony wished he did the interview with a bunch of Brazilian chicks.


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