Jesse Ventura Interview

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura joined the program to talk about steroids and of course, his incredible story.


Tony and Jesse got to talking about Jesse’s life, which involved a lot of great things, including teaching at Harvard despite no college education, and getting paid by MSNBC for three years despite essentially doing no work at all (his words, not ours.)


Jesse talked about steroids and MLB – Vince McMahon (who isn’t one of his favorite people, by his own admission) got indicted by the federal government over steroids in wrestling, but Bud Selig gets almost no flak from them? What’s up with that?


He mentioned how much he loves being a card-carrying member of the SAG, coming on twenty years now. Vince McMahon tried to fire him for trying to unionize wrestling, but he came back to wrestling after the movies and showed him his union card.


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