Water shortages, car washes and dogs

There’s going to be water rationing in LA? What’s up with that? How’s Tony going to wash his car? Now Tony is going to have to convince his female friends to take showers with him! Here’s video of Tony at the car wash during the water shortage.



Luckily Tim and I are in Burbank, where we have separate water and power companies. It’s 20-minute showers for us! Tony is outraged, because the water comes from the same damn place! The mountains!


Jeff in Miami checks in to talk about Shaq and the Lakers. What is this, local LA radio, where that’s all they’ve talked about this week? Nobody with a brain thinks the Lakers will able to go get Shaq, nor do they want him anyway.


Stephanie and her 101 dalmatians check in to ask about the Michael Vick trial balloon they floated recently. She obviously is one of these ‘dog people’ who couldn’t deal with him being back in the NFL. Though her dogs did get quiet once Vick got mentioned.


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