Tuesday, February 17th 2009

It’s Taco Tuesday baby! And like yesterday, it was a three-fer-Tuesday for Tony, who is fresh off his 87th hour of radio in the last 40 hours or so. We’ll pump him with an IV of coffee while he hosts the following guests:


Lorenzo Romar, head coach, University of Washington

The head coach of the Huskies will talk about his team’s rise to the top of the Pac-10, and will try to explain the antics of USC’s Tim Floyd. He’ll also preview the team’s showdown with UCLA.


Eric Karros, analyst, Fox Sports Baseball

The former NL rookie of the year will talk about ARod and the rest of spring training in baseball. And surely his stellar career at UCLA will come up as well. And Tony will do his best not to call him Alex Karras.



Tony is ‘outraged’ that New Orleans made a salary dump, when they were the #2-seed in the Western Conference last season. Somehow they can justify to their fans trading Tyson Chandler for two stiffs?


Whoa! The Phoenix Suns have 81 points… at the half! Genius move by the Suns to let the new coach’s first game be against the Clippers. It’s like the baseball team that has the players only meeting right before the ace pitches.


Stay tuned for Eric (not Alex) Karros coming up next!


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