Eric Karros Interview

Eric started by mentioning everyone is seeking an ‘edge’ in every facet of life – at the workplace, on the baseball diamond, even in the bedroom!


Tony said he had mixed feelings about the ARod press conference, in that he tried to answer all the questions the best he could – he didn’t go to the ‘lawyer’ card. Eric said he didn’t really have much of a choice, and he only spoke up once he got caught.


Eric isn’t sure if the people are satisfied with the questions and answers, but he doesn’t buy the ‘young and dumb’ response. Everyone had a choice of what to do and Alex chose to use illegal substances. He could end up being the greatest statistical player of all-time, but he’s still one of the best ever no matter what he did.


He brought up a good point with the mental aspect of these drugs, in that they didn’t necessarily have to work, in order to be effective. Sometimes they can just give players a mental edge. He’s sure a lot of players took steroids and still were awful baseball players. He’s sure a lot of other athletes take steroids in other sports too.


And of course, Manny Ramirez came up – he said the Dodgers need Manny a little more right now, than Manny needs the Dodgers. He does think this could go all the way into the season.


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