Boxes and Amy Fisher

It’s now midnight on the east coast, and if you don’t have the right box, you’re screwed… so listen to the radio! Tony says it will be a tragedy if you can’t watch Vince try to sell shamwows! Maybe the Germans make those things *and* digital conversion boxes.


Duke checks in, and we join him mid-sentence. He’s fired up enough that he’s talking to anyone who will listen, including the drive thru window, the bums on the street and now, sports talk radio!


While Duke screams about ARod, Tim breaks in with a bowling update – those 150 missing bowling balls have been found… at the bowling alley? You would think they would check the ball return, which is where 120+ of the bowling balls ended up. I guess that’s why these people end up working at bowling alleys.


And an even more important update – Amy Fisher is going on a stripping tour? Beautiful! She’s 34, but Tony says that’s a prime age for that profession.


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