Monday, February 16th 2009

After a nice, long weekend (and an even longer day for Tony today) we move on ‘Into the Night’, here to talk about the great sports weekend.


Tim thinks he needs an energy beverage to get through the show, so he’s imbibing a concentrated version that literally has 8333% of his normal daily intake of B12. We’re not sure how he’ll handle it, but it could end up something like this.



Cory is back from a trip to Napa Valley, where he drank about 8333% of the normal daily intake of wine. Maybe he should be the one drinking the energy drink.


Tonight’s guests:


Lorenzo Romar, head coach at the University of Washington will join us to talk about the Huskies, and their big matchup with UCLA Thursday.


Hubie Brown, NBA analyst for ESPN and ABC will recap the All-Star Weekend and talk about the Suns’ decision to fire Terry Porter.


Larry McReynolds, NASCAR analyst for FOX will talk about the rainout of the Daytona 500, and the big race at Fontana this weekend. This is not what Larry did while broadcasting for Fox.



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