Hubie Brown Interview

Hubie immediately ripped Suns management for leaking the news about Terry Porter’s firing. He called it an ‘embarrassment to the coaching profession’ and was an outrage that 16 coaches have lost their jobs since the end of last season.


He said the Phoenix situation is unfortunate, and in particular it’s bad that they’ve turned that whole team around, and not given coaches time to turn it all around. And they expect the team to be in the top 2 in the western conference somehow with all this?


Tony then asked Hubie about the All-Star game. Hubie said the biggest difference is the money for the winning share made a difference to the players. Now the money basically doesn’t matter to the players, and the game is more about entertainment.


Hubie said the Eastern Conference is pretty much set if there aren’t any injuries, at least in the top three – Cleveland, Boston and Orlando. He expects the Cavs to be at the #1 spot thanks to the return of Zydrunas Ilgauskas. He also thinks the Celtics will make a move for a power forward and maybe a backup point guard.


One Response to “Hubie Brown Interview”

  1. Love Hubie Brown, always a straight shooter. Tony needs to get Fred Carter back on like the old days.

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