Valentine’s and Heat

We come back from break any Tony is giving Valentine’s advice to anyone who will listen – notably Tim. Tony convinces Tim to not buy his wife anything, particularly not the Coach purse she wants. Hope Tony has the guest room ready.


He is right about flowers being a crap gift though! They die way too quickly. It’s one thing if you have your own garden and can grow your own plants… but buying them from a store or a guy on the street in just wasteful.


Juan from Miami checks in and talks about the Heat trade. He also brings up how the team is offering $5 tickets on Mondays – is that like the $5 footlong? And is that song easier to get stuck in your head than the beer song?


2 Responses to “Valentine’s and Heat”

  1. Stan Otley Says:

    Tell Tony to run that bad vodka through the Brita filter!

  2. Ha. We think alike Stan. See the next post.

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