NASCAR, cheap booze and shoes

Stay tuned tonight for Brian Vickers and John Avello later in the hour. We come back from break, and with Brian Vickers scheduled to join us, Tony brings up how popular NASCAR is in Daytona, but how it’s waned a bit in southern California.


The blog gets another shout out, and apparently a commenter wants us to drink some rotgut Vodka. We drink only the best here on the Tony Bruno show!


Dean checks in, who claims he’s the only real man left on planet earth. He tells his wife where to go and when to go there. Tony asks what happens when he tells her to ‘heel.’ Probably something like this. 

Somehow he decides to start a fight with Tony on steroids, saying it didn’t change the game much. Tell that to Brady Anderson! Stay tuned for the snuggie pub crawl update.


5 Responses to “NASCAR, cheap booze and shoes”

  1. Pat in Indy Says:

    Cmon man…Tony is right that Osco Vodka is no longer =-( but…i’ve switched over to Prestige Edition Rum from the West Indies…10 bucks for a 1.75 litre bottle at Meijers!!! (Tony always pronounces it Mayers) and i’ve had grey goose..and i’ve had bacardi rum…and i see no difference in the taste..or how i feel the next day!! (right on the bottle it says…”traditionally distilled using a time-tested island recipe to creat this special west indies rum”…and below it verifies “PREMIUM RUM” =-)

  2. i can give you 50 players who hit 40 jacks one year and fallen off to teens low 20’s the next year.brady anderson is 1 give me 10 or 15 players then we can talk .
    face it sports are watered down.
    tb and crew ubthebest

  3. Tony can we get a poll
    What changed baseball more
    1-expansion and cookie cutter parks
    3-jucied ball (hmmm)
    4-all of the above
    5-morgana the kissing bandit

  4. Morgana? ew. No polls on this website.

  5. The 1977 season was marked by a sharp increase in offense as a result of the expansion to 26 clubs and a new manufacturer of baseballs. The offensive improvement brought the game back into balance, and the era is remembered for the wide variety of styles that prospered during the period

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