Zoos and romance?

We’re back with a big-time Valentine’s Day update. Some zoo in Michigan is offering a ‘zoo-erotica package’ where for $50, you and your sweetheart can watch the animals… well… get friendly. And it’s already sold out! Is this the most-anticipated sporting event in Michigan in the last year?


Heck, if this thing is sold out, Tony is willing to open up his house for the same thing for $100! And unlike the zoo, Tony guarantees action at his place! You following me camera guy? Post your application in the comments section.


2 Responses to “Zoos and romance?”

  1. Pat in Indy Says:

    For 50 bucks it better include the waffle house candle-lit dinner.

  2. Stan Otley Says:

    I heard this same story on the news the other day. Did you know that you don’t even get to see the animals have sex for $50, but rather, they just take you from exhibit to exhibit and talk about *how* they mate? Rip-off!!!!!!!!

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