Tony’s big announcement

Happy birthday Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin! Crazy to think both these guys were born on the exact same day.


Tony has a HUGE announcement… he’s doing double duty next week! He’ll be filling in on the Dan Patrick show Monday and Tuesday. It’s like a day/night doubleheader. Luckily the staff only works one shift. Clearly our union contracts say we work one shift only.


Look at that! Arizona State beats UCLA, thanks to coach Herb Sendek joining the program! Dayton beat Xavier last night, and Villanova is hot! Every college coach in hoops is going to fighting to come on the show now.


Stay tuned for Buck Martinez up next.


3 Responses to “Tony’s big announcement”

  1. That’s great look forward to hearing Tony filling in for Dan.

    BTW, the Podcast page going to be updated? Would love to be able to listen to Tony’s show’s from the night before in the morning or by at least the afternoon the next day.

  2. Pat in Indy Says:

    Wow this means Tony will be back on WNDE here for a couple of days..i would hope they notice he’s still on his game and pick the show up..the only problem is everyone has been laid off so who will be there to make that decision? Is it ok to take the cream or the clear channel?

  3. Thanks for getting the Podcast page updated earlier! Those of us in the Central and Eastern Time Zones greatly appreciate it.

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