Thursday, February 12th 2009

The crew is in a great mood tonight after Tim brings in some fresh cupcakes. What we didn’t know, is he had to put a second (or third) mortgage on his house to afford them. This from a guy that spends two dollars on a bottle of wine?


Either way, the staff enjoyed them very much and it sent us on our way to a great show tonight.


So Bud Selig came out today and blasted ARod, even though every stinkin’ person in baseball turned their head during the home run chases. Tony made a stone-cold, guaranteed lead-pipe lock that Selig won’t discipline ARod at all. He’s the proverbial yapping dog.


The one guy doing better than Selig or Rodriguez right now is Dan Uggla, who went from 400K to 5.5M. Nice! The economy must not be that bad now! We all hope Dan Uggla can loan some money to Bud Selig so he can buy a decent suit.


Tonight’s guests:


Bill Frieder will join the show to talk some college hoops. He’ll explain how the heck Notre Dame bombed Lousiville by 33 points, and tell us what’s going to happen in the UCLA/Arizona St. game.


Buck Martinez, former manager of the Baltimore Orioles and team USA will chat about steroids and the World Baseball Classic.


Dave Sims, he of a thousand different jobs, will talk about the Seattle Mariners and Griffey, as well all other things sports.


One Response to “Thursday, February 12th 2009”

  1. Pat in Indy Says:

    Jason…your old mate Buck coming up huh? =-)

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