Bill Freider Interview

Former Arizona State coach Bill Frieder joined us after being at the ASU/UCLA game. He said it wasn’t hard to be objective watching the game, because he’s 12 years removed from his time there.


Bill gave a lot of credit to Herb Sendek who has done a great job at Arizona State. James Harden also had a good game with 12 assists.


Tony asked Bill which school he identifies himself with, Arizona State or Michigan? Bill admitted he’ll always be a Michigan guy despite the great treatment he gets from ASU.


The Pac-10 has been impressive, and it looks like they’ll get maybe six teams in the tourney this year, and Arizona State could potentially be a #3 or 4 seed thanks to big wins like this one.


Since Bill is a Michigan guy, we had to ask him about the Big Ten. Of course Michigan State has been impressive, and Bill thinks they’ll get five teams.


Now that he’s broadcasting, Tony asked Bill if he misses it. Bill admitted he’ll never go back, because he enjoys being away from it too much. He’s just a guy that likes too many other things too much.


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