Wednesday, February 11th 2009

Tony is ready to outrage, but for some reason doesn’t have a lot of rage going.


Brett Favre retires… again! We think, at least. Tony wonders aloud if they’ll show the same Favre highlight packages… of course, the Green Bay highlight package he wants to see is 4th and 26 to Fred Ex, who of course is making his own news now.


We talk a little baseball free agency, where more outfielders are going off the board. Are the Dodgers left only with Manny Ramirez? Tony nearly goes Jay-Z on Chris Brown when he suggests these signings only help Scott Boras and Manny. Ah, yes, the outrage is going now!


Meanwhile, Duke and Carolina are playing and it’s a dandy! Can Carolina really go 4-0 at Cameron Indoor?


Tonight’s guests:


Dave Roberts, San Francisco Giants: The speedy outfielder will talk steroids and of course, size up San Fran’s chances this year.


Herb Sendek, head coach, Arizona State Sun Devils: ASU’s coach will talk of his team’s hot streak, and their chances to knock off UCLA tomorrow.


‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley: Fresh off of beating Antonio Margarito, Sugar Shane will talk the sweet science with Tony. Who will he fight next?


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